This site is under construction and probably will be for some time! It will be continually updated with new content but some parts of it may appear incomplete while this goes on. 

It is hoped that womenstrikeforpeace.com becomes the key resource for scholars, students, activists, and curious minds interested in learning more about the history of the antinuclear and social justice group Women Strike for Peace. You will find tales of key moments in WSP’s past, detailed biographies of the women at the group’s heart, and links to archives and publications for further information. This site’s aim is to raise awareness for the history of the women’s peace movement generally by putting untold stories back onto the historical record.

The website thrives on the stories and insight that can be provided by others and I would especially love to hear from anyone who had involvement with WSP during its activities to fully round out the fascinating story of this organization. Feel free to contact the site with any tales, anecdotes, or comments about the content here.

The site is run by Jon Coburn, a scholar who researches the history of antinuclear activism and the women’s peace movement. He completed his PhD in 2016 with a thesis titled “Making a Difference: The History and Memory of Women Strike for Peace, 1961-1990.”