In 1962, sociologist Elise Boulding conducted a survey of WSP participants. Her guiding question became the title of her study: “Who Are These Women?”[1] Click on a name below to bring up a short biographical sketch of some of WSP’s key women.*


Bronx, NY

Helen Klein

Helen Wurf


South Bronx, NY

Lea Tenneriello


Brooklyn, NY

Helen Boston


Brooklyn Heights, NY

Rhoda Howard

Sally Longhi

Joan Davidson



Carrie Yoffe Taylor


Chelsea, NY

Martha Kahn



Ruth Dear

Lillian Hayward

Mimi Harris

Shirley Lens



Anne Eaton

Beatrice Goodwin

Valena Minor Williams



Anne Mackenzie



Lucy Haessler

Alice Herz

Lillian Lerman

Olga Penn


East Bay

Rose Dellamonica

Madeline Duckles

Clara Gilbert

Frances Herring

Charity Hirsch


Great Neck, NY

Lyla Hoffman


Los Angeles

Geraldine “Gerry” Dreyfuss

Kay Hardman

Patricia Kempler

Joan Lasko

Vanne M. Lautman

“Mrs Armand Roth”

“Mrs Wallace Thompson”


Southern California, LA

Mary Clarke

Esther Jackson

Phyllis Schmidt



Clarie Collins Harvey

Selma Sparks

Dora Wilson


New York (I am in the process of dividing these into their correct branches)

Bella Abzug

Ruth Gage-Colby

Valerie Delacorte

Louise Feldman

Iris Freed

Helen Frumin

Lorraine Gordon

Ruth Meyers

Elsie Neidenberg

Esther Newill

Ruth Pinkson

Blanche Posner

Ruth Rosenwald

Jean Shulman

Amy Swerdlow

Cora Weiss

Irma Zigas


Queens, NY

Shirley Solarcheck



Helen Evelev

Pat Gross

Ruth Krause

Ethel Taylor



Carol Urner


Rochester, NY

Mary Grooms

Henrietta Levine


San Francisco

Beverley Axelrod

Linda Fanning

Hazel Grossman

Alice Hamburg



Taimi Halonen

Anci Koppel

Thorun Robel



Mabel Proctor



Virginia Naeve


Washington, D.C.

Donna Allen

Margaret C. Appich

Jeanne Bagby

Aline Berman

Barbara Bick

Mary Chandler

Folly Fodor

Eleanor Garst

Margaret Russell

Bernice Steele

Edith Villastrigo

Dagmar Wilson


National Office

Sally Bortz

Lynda Stein

Trudi Young




*Activists are separated into branches where possible.

[1] “Elise Boulding, ‘Who Are These Women?: A Progress Report on a Study of the Women Strike for Peace,’ 1963,” SCPC WSP Archives, A1, Box 2, Documents Describing WSP History.